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Progress with tradition

In 1851, Arnold André set up a plant in Bünde as a subsidiary of the André brothers tobacco factory in Osnabrück, which had been founded in 1817. The Arnold André company developed steadily to become one of the major cigar producers in the region. However, the company made its breakthrough on a national level in the 1950s and 1960s.

There were two factors for this success: In 1958, with sound investment and characteristic entrepreneurial foresight, Arnold André was able to very quickly and extensively profit from the abolition of machine prohibition that had been imposed on the cigar industry in 1933 by mechanising all production. This step accompanied the development of the HANDELSGOLD brand: the very first nationally distributed cigar brand in Germany.

There were two factors for this success: In 1958, with sound investment and characteristic entrepreneurial foresight, Arnold André was able to very quickly and extensively profit from the abolition of machine prohibition that had been imposed on the cigar industry in 1933 by mechanising all production. This step accompanied the development of the HANDELSGOLD brand: the very first nationally distributed cigar brand in Germany.

Its success was tremendous. The HANDELSGOLD cigar brand became an icon of the “economic boom” in post-war Germany; like the VW Beetle or the kidney-shaped table. At this time, record levels of employment were reached at around 6000 employees, of which the majority were assigned to work as “homeworkers” for branches in the towns surrounding Bünde. The enormous sales success at that time was also the reason for setting up the production plant in Königslutter (1962, already expanded 1964). The plant was set up there - close to the then German national border - due to the large available potential workforce and due to the extensive government aid to border regions known as the “Zonenrandförderung”.

In the 1970s there was a marked decline in the popularity of the "good old cigar". The image of cigars suffered during the age of student movements and hippy culture. The younger, less placid and relaxed but modern cigarillo fitted in better with the new attitudes in society. In 1973 the CLUBMASTER cigarillo range was launched. CLUBMASTER was instantly a hit and in tune with the spirit of the times. Still today it is the pleasure-filled expression of an urban way of life and is one of the strongest cigarillo brands in terms of sales in Germany and beyond.

But there are plenty more brands which can be linked to Arnold André, including the top-selling “Tropenschatz” cigar as well as the “Independence” brand which was introduced in 1998. With this modern and unconventional design, the company reached new consumer groups.

A close cooperation with “La Aurora” - the oldest cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic - has been in place since the end of the 1990s. With the hand-rolled cigars of brands "León Jimenes" and "La Aurora", the Bünde-based cigar company expanded expertise in the premium segment. From 2011 to 2016 Arnold André was responsible for national distribution of the Davidoff brand and affiliated brands such as Camacho, Avo and The Griffin’s. Further expansion of this tobacco family came in the form of distribution rights for the Italian Toscano cigars and J. C. Newman with Brick House and El Baton. Two years prior to this, Arnold André had also taken over the distribution in Germany of the world-famous pipe tobacco by Mac Baren. In 2015, with Joya de Nicaragua Clásico and Joya Red, German distribution rights for a further two top brands from Nicaragua were granted.

Furthermore, the company has also become clearly established as a global player. Meanwhile, well above half the cigars and cigarillos are exported from Germany - and this trend is on the rise. The development has been accompanied by the foundation of companies in France and Portugal. In 2011 Arnold André set up their own plant in the Dominican Republic. One year later, the production of wrapper cuts (bobbin production) from Indonesia was transferred to this plant in the Dominican Republic. Annual production so far: an impressive 250 million wrappers. Just four years after its foundation, over 360 employees are working in the company under the management of Dominican cigar specialist José Leocadio Vasquez. Since spring 2015 the longfiller own-brand BUENA VISTA has been produced at Arnold André Dominicana – hecho a mano, of course. In 2016 production of the BEAST Handcrafted Cigars in the fresh pack followed.

The brand portfolio of Arnold André represents the world of stylish and diverse forms of smoking pleasure. And despite globalisation and a brand presence worldwide, the company still has a clear commitment to its roots. “Bünde is my hometown. I grew up here, it was here that I absorbed the scent of tobacco leaves and experienced cigar production as a focal point of my family life”, says Axel-Georg André, family shareholder in the 7th generation. This deep bond to his family and its history, which is inextricably linked to Bünde, has been expressed by Axel-Georg André with a truly special cigar: CARLOS ANDRÉ, a family reserve cigar, which unites all the memories and tobacco knowledge of the André family with every smoke.

Arnold André is well established and impressively diversified - for Germany and the world.


Be in good Company

Tobacco is one of the finest natural products and offers a unique taste experience. The production, import and sale of high quality cigars are our core businesses, which we have pursued for almost two hundred years, and which bring so much pleasure. We are one of the biggest suppliers in Europe and are continuously trying to consolidate this market position.

Our customers, their wishes, their demand for the highest quality and for variety in their tobacco products are the focal point of our business. It is our aim always to offer optimum quality throughout the world. We manage and develop brand products which our customers can rely on.

We are a medium-sized family business, which is proud of its traditions. Our traditions relate not only to our company, but also to our tobacco products, whose refinement has always owed much to the way we structure the manufacturing process. Our medium-sized structure, which we still maintain today, ensues from this. To remain competitive, however, we use international networks to operate our import and export business effectively.

It is fulfilling for us to work on providing a product which offers people such pleasure and joy. However, we are also well aware of our duties to our customers. We specifically recommend the moderate use of tobacco products. At the same time we believe in self-determination and tolerance instead of government regulation. Adults carry the responsibility of smoking in moderation.

“Be in good company” is the (challenging) promise, which we give our business partners and employees. For us, being in good company means: whoever communicates, trades and works with us will be used to dealing with serious, reliable and respectful people. We are reliable and engaging in our business relationships and respect and observe the human and emotional aspects of business conduct and decision-making.

As employers, we recognize our social obligations to all of our employees. We act cooperatively and respectfully, consider the rights of the employees in our company and support all forms of professional training. We are particularly interested in the professional development of young people.

We do not tolerate any kind of prejudice, discrimination or harassment.

Relations with our business partners are characterized by respect, sincerity and cooperation. We do not tolerate any kind of business malpractice. We check that our suppliers and contract partners adhere to moral, ethical and social principles, both at home and abroad.


Company milestones

For over 200 years, Arnold André has been in a leading position on the cigar and cigarillo market. Click on the different years to find out more about the company's most important milestones. It is also possible to read about the complete history of the company.


Foundation of the tobacco factory in Osnabrück which later became Arnold André GmbH & Co. KG


Construction of a branch factory for cigar production in Bünde


Construction of the new production facilities and relocation in Bünde


Rise to market leader in Germany with Handelsgold


Commissioning of production facilities in Königslutter


Market launch of Clubmaster


Market launch of Independence


Establishment of the Arnold André Dominicana, S.R.L. plant in the Dominican Republic


200 years of Arnold André and again 100% owned by the André family

A 7th generation
family business

A 200 year history

Two centuries - seven generations. A rich and eventful past: Join us on an entertaining and enjoyable journey back in time. History and memories, anecdotes and extraordinary tales. Week by week, for the entire anniversary year.

200 years


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Our products are available worldwide. Internationally, Arnold André works together with over 80 sales partners. Here is an overview:


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