The Arnold André company - The Cigar Company was founded in 1817 and is now Germany's biggest producer of cigars.


We invite you to join us on a journey around the world! From our headquarters in Bünde in East Westphalia, Germany, to our national and international plants and distribution centres across the globe.


Bearing a name synonymous with the history of the German cigar also involves a lot of responsibility - the wonderful challenge of providing people with smoking pleasure.

Main brands

It is impossible to imagine the indulgent world of tobacco smoking without brands such as Clubmaster, Handelsgold, Tropenschatz and Vasco da Gama. In combination with the noble, handrolled cigars from Arnold André Dominicana, especially the Carlos André – Family Reserve, Buena Vista and BEAST, a delightful brand portfolio is available for cigar lovers.

NEW: “Kitchen, Cooking, Culinary Art”

An ovation to indulgence, brain and palate, the way to flavour, a charismatic combination of rum and smoke, the new Montosa Maduro - there is plenty to discover in the new issue of Alles André.

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