Arnold André – The Cigar Company. The largest cigar manufacturer in Germany.

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Arnold André – The Cigar Company has been a leading
brand on the cigar and cigarillo market for over 200 years.
Our company was founded in 1817 and is now the largest
cigar manufacturer in Germany.

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When Arnold André settled in the German town of Bünde
in 1851, the cigar company opened a local branch of the
Gebr. André Tabakfabrik, a tobacco factory founded in
Osnabrück in 1817.

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Brands with

Brands like CARLOS ANDRÉ, BUENA VISTA, Clubmaster
and Handelsgold have become household names
in the wonderful world of tobacco.

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Arnold André

We’re based in Germany, the Dominican Republic,
France and Portugal. Our products are enjoyed around
the world. Arnold André works with over 80 international
distribution partners.

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Alles André.
The Cigar Magazine.

Alles André is one of the most widely read cigar magazines
in Germany. Each issue focuses on a different topic, but all
our delightful features are always related to cigars. And everything in between.

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Cigars and cigarillos
are luxury products for adults.

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