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“Alles André” is a magazine with several issues every year. We don’t just talk about our lovingly produced cigars, but also everything else in life that becomes so much more pleasurable with our products.

Every issue features a different topic that sheds new light on the wonderful world of cigars. But there’s so much more to “Alles André”… You can stay up-to-date by reading the latest posts on our “Alles André” cigar portal and Facebook page.

„Alles André“ Cigar Portal

Alles André Edition 1/2020

Latest Edition:
“Cuisine, Cooking and
Culinary Creations”

Discover new and exciting flavours and delve into a diverse series of events entitled “Carlos André Cooking for Friends”. Are you ready for some nice and hearty meals? The photos featured in our latest issue show three types of sausage with lots of creativity, vanilla and fine cigars, as well as related recipes for you to make at home.

After Stefano Esposito invited us to dinner at his place, our latest issue features two of his famous barbecue recipes. Dr Daniel Kofahl unearths the secrets of tastes and flavours, and we present the beautifully rich aromas and green splendour of the new Montosa Maduro series. The latest issue also looks at the charismatic combination of rum and smoke, and our plea for the “ultimate” cigar explains why the best is sometimes saved until last. And many more topics await in “Cuisine, Cooking and Culinary Creations”!

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