Delightful variety

The Arnold André company offers a unique range of brands so you are spoilt for choice - and even the act of choosing is a real pleasure. From shortfillers, longfillers and pipe tobacco, through to fine-cut.


The soul of fine cigars. Cigars and cigarillos with soul. For particularly pleasurable moments.


Unlimited Enjoyment. The cool and trendy cigar in the metal tube.
For tough guys.


An icon of the German economic miracle years. The traditional cigar, as smoked by popular German politician Ludwig Erhard. Traditionally fine cigars. Since 1817.

Vasco da Gama

A homage to one of the greatest seafaring voyagers in history and a genuine adventurer - for the big moments in life.


Germany's top-selling cigar. A mildly spicy Brazilian blend with an exotic composition of fine and spicy tobaccos.


Free from compromise. 100% tobacco.
0% additives. 200% character.

Exclusive distributor for Germany and Portugal


The most popular cigar in Italy. Unmistakable in its style and a flavour, full of character

Exclusive distributor for Germany and Portugal


Mildly spicy cigars and cigarillos made from 100% tobacco with ‘wild’ tip. Genuine country-style pleasure.


Taste as good as they smell. The special flavour of Fellows - some things you can't help but love.

El Bacco

From the sun-drenched areas of Sumatra. For lovers of traditional types of cigar.


Traditional high-quality smoking culture. Exclusive cigars in distinguished decorative boxes.

Garves Brasil

Pure Brazilian pleasure: in single-coloured wrappers and as speckled wrappers. Finely spiced, aromatic cigars.

Cigars and cigarillos
are luxury products for adults.

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